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Rehab to You Instead of You to Rehab

Does anyone really get excited about the prospect of going away to a rehab for sex addiction?

So, let us set the stage.

You have probably suspected for some time now that perhaps your spouse might have a problem with intimacy. Perhaps you have already caught him looking at porn a few times. Maybe you have reached a point where you have conclusive evidence of a full blow affair or several of them.

If so, you have likely already started seeing a therapist. Being cheated on is no small matter. It is extremely traumatic and dreadfully difficult to overcome. If your therapist is a CSAT, Certified Sex Addict Therapist, you will most likely be encouraged to do a professionally guided full disclosure. After you learn about your partners most dreadful secrets you may decide to leave the relationship.

If you decide to stay, it will likely include rehabilitation (rehab). For some couples, time and money are not a challenge and paying for top notch, nationally recognized professionals may be the best option. There are other situations where a couple, or individual does not want to pay for, or take time to attend (up to 60 days) remote rehabilitation. Some individuals fear using health insurance because of the records of mental health treatment it leaves in its wake or find that not all addictions are covered by their policy. Lastly, I know executives who cannot leave their posts for thirty or more days without severe consequences.

My approach to recovery offers an affordable, totally anonymous, flexible, local, minimally disruptive, alternative to going away to costly, isolated, rehabilitation. I will travel to the client’s local area, walk them through the proven 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (suited to their addiction), plug them into a local recovery fellowship, introduce them to sponsorship, and countless other recovery tools. I will continue to work with them for as long as they find it beneficial.

I will give personal attention to one client at a time.

I am a grateful recovered alcoholic, sex, lust, porn addict. I am half of a grateful recovered couple.

I will gladly give each client every tool I have received over the last ten plus years to help them achieve sobriety and rebuild trust and intimacy in their relationships.

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