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All About Me

APSATS Trained Addiction Coach

Since 2011, my mission has been to help and empower my clients to overcome their most challenging obstacles and start living happier and healthier lifestyles. My extensive experience means that I'm fully equipped to guide, support, and assist you in building the life you clearly deserve.

As an APSATS trained Addiction Coach and a grateful recovered addict, I aim to create a personal recovery plan that is sensitive to the betrayed partner and life-changing for the addict. 

Living with my client will allow us to build a community of recovery. We will go through the steps first used in Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. They can be used for any type of addiction.

I will help my client to develop relationship skills that lead to trust, intimacy, and commitment.  

After our session ends, I will continue to help my client stay plugged into recovery with occasional follow up calls or visits. 

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